Dymir has published articles for several online magazine that focus on topics ranging from national education policy reforms toward reflections on his relationship with his father.He began writing poetry at age eleven and transitioned into writing short stories and essays during his studies at Rutgers University. He is currently working on his first collection of short stories that focus on his experiences encountering micro-aggressions as a Black man studying and working in predominately white spaces. 


Photo Credited to Reese Harris 


Now a principal at Achievement First in Brooklyn, Dymir has served as a High School Teacher in Philadelphia and Director of Alumni Affairs and Teacher Leadership for Teach For America | New York. Before becoming a principal, Dymir served his community as a Dean of School Culture and Academic Dean. His unwavering commitment to educational equity is fueled by his deep belief that ensuring all children receive an excellent education is one of the core ways to begin breaking cycles of racial and socio-economic oppression in our nation.